Motivation that lasts

Alvin mentioned in an earlier post that motivation is a real-world process that has been turned into a thing through imprecise language. You don’t have motivation, like a car or watch, you do motivation, which is an abstract idea (you can’t hold, see, or hear motivation physically). motivation is a process which has to be […]

The Wealth Academy graduates’ blog

At last! I was so looking forward to Pete’s post and when I read it, a smile sneaked itself onto my face. I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Jacky, who’s emailed me and let me know that there is a Wealth Academy graduates’ blog out, called ‘The Journey to Success‘, so […]

Personal Matra

Every once in a while, especially when I play Coach in the Patterns of Excellence(POE) Workshop, I get requests to model my strategy to deal with difficult people and stressful situations. Some people are surprised how easy it is. To spare you the technicalities of an actual NLP modeling session, the core of my strategy […]

How to Motivate Specifically Part 1

I was thinking about this article “Motivation Merely Mystifies” on the way to work today. The writer, Adrian Savage says: Buzzwords block our ability to think and communicate clearly, so people are left confused and frustrated. The buzzword “motivation” is a prime example. Though it sounds precise, it has that typical characteristic of all buzzwords: […]

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