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Personal Atrophy for Foolish People

In Personal Development for Smart People (see my book review here), Steve Pavlina lists the three core principles of personal development as Truth, Love and Power. When you combine the principles, you get the secondary principles of personal development; Truth combined with Love gives you Oneness, Love and Power combine to give you Courage and […]

Stress Relief Tips to Help You Get to the Root of Your Stress

The following stress relief tips are simple and practical. They will swiftly ease your stress! Step 1. Become Aware In a relaxed position, with your eyes closed, picture yourself being stressed. In your mind’s eye, go through every stress symptom that you have. Feel yourself being stressed. It is imperative that the visualization is very […]

About Eating & Habits

Steve Pavlina wrote this after having nothing but juice for the last ten days: With each passing day, I can see more clearly how cooked food is used as a drug to create a certain kind of feeling in our bodies. We keep eating it because we’re addicted to it, not because it’s healthy for […]