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NLP 101: What is NLP? Part 1

Throughout history; men and women have sought the answer to the question: what is NLP? who is NLP? when is NLP? is NLP better than sex? In these next few posts, I shall reveal the ancient secrets as they were exclusively given to me in a top secret location by a Very NLP Person (VNLPP). […]

Walt Disney’s Strategy of Genius

One of the main co-developers of NLP, Robert Dilts has studied the mental strategies of Walt Disney and realized that Walt had 3 distinct phases in his creativity strategy, the Dreamer, Realist and Critic phases. I’ve found this strategy very useful not just in my own planning, but in coaching people as well. It’s helped […]

You Already Have All The Resources You Need

There’s a presupposition in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) that goes: You Already Have All The Resources You Need, Or You Can Create Them. You have all the resources you need inside you to make any kind of change in your life. The internal building blocks that successful people use to create their lives are the same […]