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NLP 101: So Dark The Con Of NLP

Throughout history, NLPers have been hunted down by the Evil League of Anti-NLPers, who have waved the Torches of deBunk (+2 agility) at us and angrily shouted big, big words like ‘pesudo-science’, ‘quackery’ and ‘you’re too hot for NLP’ (I get this one all the time). For every claim for NLP, you can find one […]

NLP 101: Life Is A Series of Systems

It was confusing; here was this bright, strong young woman who clearly had goals she passionately wanted, but somehow something held her back from going after them. As I worked with her through the roots of her beliefs, I thought we were almost on the way to breaking her limiting patterns and on to action, […]

NLP 101: There Are No Resistant Listeners, Only Inflexible Speakers

This belief which enabled master therapists like Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir to help people whom other people had labeled ‘hopeless’ is also known as: There are no resistant clients, only inflexible coaches/ therapists/ salespeople/ teachers Also phrased sometimes as: Resistance is a sign of lack of rapport When Lack of Rapport Led Me Resistance […]

NLP 101: Experience Has A Structure

The next NLP presupposition is a pretty integral one to making things work with Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Experience has a structure Neuro-Linguistic Programming believes that experience has a structure, and that structure is composed out of 5 senses: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory or gustatory. And because every experience is composed out of these same building blocks, […]