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Live Foods Day: Day 3

We’ve come to the last day of my live foods day ‘fast’! At last, after a whole day of nothing but drinking juices and water, I could finally sink my teeth onto something solid. What I Ate First up was this fresh bowl of grapes, strawberries and mangoes to break my fast. Surprisingly, it wasn’t […]

Live Foods Day: Day 2

It’s nearing the 2nd day of my live foods ‘fast’, and today I only had liquids with no solid foods. What I Drank Lots of juices, some herbal tea and lots of water. I juiced different kinds of fruits and vegetables; pineapple, apple, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, bananas, so on. I kept my physical activities light, […]

Live Foods Day: Day 1

Inspired by Steve Pavlina’s 30 days raw food trial, I decided to do a short 3 day live foods ‘fast’ this weekend. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do to give my stomach a chance to detox, and this weekend was wide open so it looked like a good time. Rules for the Next 3 […]