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Revisiting Cambodia

This is not going to be the usual read where you will get some tips to kick ass your life or questions to set you reflecting about yourself. I’m here for the sole reason of sharing my experience when I revisited the Cambodian kids during Christmas last year. It’s been a year since I step […]

The Donation Check Is In The Mail

The Google Adsense check came early this month, and I confess, I procrastinated a tad bit But I’m very happy to also confess that I’ve donated 20% of it to Mercy Corps, the charity of my choice. This marks the first pledge in my 80/20 Life Coaches Blog Donation Pledge mission! Hurrah! Strangely enough, I […]

3 Big Reasons To Give

Why would I give away 20% of whatever I make from Life Coaches Blog? In fact, why bother to give at all? (Hint: it’s not because I’m fabulously rich!) 3 Big Reasons To Give So You Can Receive 1) Nearly every personal effectiveness coach from Anthony Robbins to Marc Allen recommend it as a method […]