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Living the Dream Part II

The fantasy soon faded as the viciousness of this crime forced me to recognize the polarities of Dominican Republic. Everyone was talking about this senseless act and adding their own incidences they had either experienced or heard about; robberies at gunpoint, misconduct by the police, medical mistreatment and others. My perspective on my new country […]

Maintenance: Fearlessly Living Your Dream in Real Life

You’ve met your goal – congratulations! To get to this place, you had to make many changes. Some were small, some were large, some were trivial and some were absolutely life altering. Now comes the job of maintaining those changes and keeping that goal alive in your life. You’re riding high right now, but what […]

Finding Gratitude: Gaining a Fearless Shift in Perspective

Finding gratitude is a fundamental step in the self-improvement process. You can’t expect anything new to come into your life without first having a genuine sense of appreciation for what you have now. Gratitude invites a sense of humility and a focus on what truly matters – which can be especially challenging in our materialistic […]