Inspiring Links: Week of 3rd August 2008

“Stop and smell the roses. You’re never too busy to enjoy the simple pleasures that life affords you.” The Simple Dollar offers you 10 Things to Do Today to live a truly rich life.

“Consider everything an experiment.” 10 rules from Sister Corita Kent at Hi + Low.

“Be intent on action, not on the fruits of action. Avoid attraction to the fruits and attachment to inaction.” Get Rich Slowly weighs in on finding fulfillment in your work.

“Be safe and be optimistic. There is a lot to be grateful for…and just as much to look forward to.” After having lost two close friends to suicide, Tim Ferriss shares three ways to overcome depression.

“When you adopt obsession, you require hard hits of big things to wake up the you that has become numb. It’s as if food has to be spicier, saltier, and fattier. Music has to be louder and faster. Moments need to be “events” to get you to notice them. It takes more flash to feel good. It takes more bling to be present. When you remember delight – you taste, you express, and you smile. You remember to feed yourself and be fed. You remember to notice. You cherish.” Christine Kane on The Architecture of Delight.

“You have to be satisfied with yourself as you are now in order to truly appreciate the change in the future.” Pam tells us why the road to hell is paved with self improvement.

“It takes courage, but remember not to trade in what you want most, for what you want now.” Stephen Covey shares some wise advice on How to Strike a Work and Life Balance.

“One day, you might still become more than your car, your condo, your clothes and your credit cards. But first you will have to climb past Level 4. Good luck.” Mr Wang on Conspicuous Consumption And The Growth of Human Beings, or how flashy yuppies paint themselves into a corner.

“All that is required of you to come across as confident, is a healthy love for yourself. Being completely grounded and comfortable in who you are.” If being a yuppie is seriously not your style, Kinowear gives you some good advice on how to avoid The Psychotic Yuppie Mentality.

“It does not matter the language. Spirit, mind and heart are the most important things.” Bujinkan senior Pedro Fleitas writes about the day he discovered communication through the heart from a drunk Japanese man. An appropriate inspiring link to end this post with as I’m be heading to Japan for the next two weeks myself, and training in the Bujinkan home dojo. See you soon!

At East Coast Park
Me, goaded by my girlfriend into a sheepish jumonji no kamae pose at the beach.

One Response to “Links to Success: Week of 30th March 2008”

  1. There’s a great quote that says “Happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have”. These are some great perspectives on success. I would say most emphatically that success is something that you have to want in order to achieve it. Those who are truly happy find their happiness in the daily steps they take towards success not just in the outcome of their efforts to get there.