Life Coaches Blog: Best of 2007 Part 1

Before you know it, a whole year has passed us by. Time to look back at what we’ve done, what we missed, what we did well and what we could have done better. In that spirit, these are the best of Life Coaches Blog 2007.

Wisdom From The Ninja Village: Keep Going

People create all their barriers for themselves. It’s really such a foolish thing to do. We create our own obstacles and lose our own way in the search for truth. So it represents no barrier for me now. All that it’s necessary to do when one faces a barrier is just keep walking, paying it no attention. Just keep going, keep walking, and the obstacles disappear! In my case, when I appear to be in trouble and I think I won’t make it, I just keep walking. And so it continues, even today.

Are You Fighting Yourself?

After reading this article, you might recognize someone you know, or times in the past you’ve had moments of self-sabotage. Realize that even those times are now over, and you are bigger than thoughts and reactions you might once have had.

Giving Your Self-Esteem A Boost

Does your self-esteem feel more like a beat-up truck or a finely-tuned Ferrari?

The Real Secret Behind Secrets

I received an email not too long ago from someone I hadn’t seen in a long time, and it disturbed me.

Slightly more than 10 years ago, I first read about NLP from Anthony Robbins’ book Unlimited Power. It opened up my eyes to an exciting new world of powerful skills I never thought could be possible, and in that same year I took my first NLP Practitioner training.

I then took those amazing new skills and…did nothing about them.

How To Give A Good Compliment

If you see a lot of posts about communication at Life Coaches Blog, it’s not because I’m good at it, but because I was a real social nerd (some of my friends will say I’m still one :p).

On The Pulse Of Morning by Maya Angelou

Her reading of ‘On The Pulse Of Morning’ is profound, beautiful and inspirational all at the same time.

The Life Coach Manifesto v1.1

1) Believe in people.

See them better than they see themselves.

The Art of Attracting and Seducing Women

This is the post that’s been forming the last couple of weeks and kept me debating myself whether or not to write it. In the end, it took one of my best friends to tell me to do what I felt was right, and for me to tell myself to do what feels honest.

How to Create a Place of Power

More and more I am coming to realize that there can be no real leadership unless there is self-leadership, and that self-leadership can be one of the hardest and loneliness things to do, which is probably why so few people do it.

2 Responses to “Links to Inspiration: Week of 18th May 2008”

  1. I agree that a key to self management is self esteem. I would offer that true life inspiration happens when you find something you love to do and make it a part of your everyday experience. Here’s an exercise:

    1. Write down 10 things you love to do or that bring you the most joy. I call this the “You List”

    2. Then record how many times a day you do one of the things on your list

    3. Give each day of the week a rating from 1-10

    4. Your best day usually comes out to be the day you do the most things on your “You List”

  2. ClickALifeCoach
    May 29 2008 at 3:20 pm #

    I can easily relate to the first part of the story, in the past I was one of those people pretending you have done something and then be very uncomfortable when someone asks more detailed questions.
    It is not a good feeling and being upfront from the beginning really saves you the embarassment later.