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If You’re Feeling Stressed Right Now…

Breathe. I was in the middle of my martial arts training last night, we were doing sword and for some reason I kept feeling something was ‘off’. Then I stopped and I realized I wasn’t breathing. I was holding my breath and releasing it in staccato beats, which was tensing me up. I took a […]

Conscious Living: The Key to Positive and Lasting Change

Conscious: aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts and surroundings; aware of what one is doing. Unconscious : without awareness or cognition; occurring below the level of conscious thought; not consciously planned, realized or done; the unconscious: the part of the mind containing psychic material that is only rarely accessible awareness but has a pronounced […]

Life Coaches Blog Updated: New Pages & eBook

Remember how I was thinking about how to work less to get more done on Life Coaches Blog? I realized then that accepting reader-submitted articles would give me more time to work on the blog, instead of in it. After a day of fiddling around, I’ve introduced some updates to Life Coaches Blog. We now […]

Links to Success: Week of 14th October 2007

I will have positive things happen. I intend. I mean. Intend to make mine a positive life. Liz shares the power of intention to help everyone have a marvelous day. Drop 1 commitment. Think about all the things in your life that you’re committed to doing, and try to find one that you dread doing. […]