Just Do That One Thing Today

I’ve just finished a grueling article for work. It was something that had been eating away at my mind for a couple of weeks now – and now that it’s off my back I can see how badly it had affected my moods and motivation.

I’m feeling like a giant weight’s been lifted off my shoulders.

Steve’s right, sometimes life does suck and it has nothing to do with your internal state – you really need to change something in your life that’s not working!

That seems to dovetail nicely into what Adrian says is the simplest path to success. Just keep doing the little things everyday that bring you that much closer to a happier life.

Keep growing in positivity. Even when the day’s been bad, just do that one little thing that makes your life better today – one day all the little steps add up to a giant leap.

One Response to “All Ads are Off”

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    December 19 2009 at 9:39 pm #

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