Links to Success: Week of 16th September 2007

“Things – all things – have energy. If you’re not using something, or if you don’t love having it around, then it isn’t serving its purpose or its usefulness in this world.” Discover the number one stickiest reason we keep stuff we don’t want, from Christine Kane.

I love this quote from her post:

“Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful.”

– William Morris

“The rich and powerful think, act, and speak differently from the rest of us. If you try adopting supreme self-confidence, even for a day, you’ll be stunned by how the world responds. It treats you as if you deserve everything you ask for.” Tim Ferris of The 4-Hour Workweek fame interviews Christine Comaford-Lynch, five-time CEO who wrote the new Rules for Renegades: How to Make More Money, Rock Your Career, and Revel in Your Individuality.

“Don’t settle for a life you know isn’t working. Change it. If necessary do something radically different. Fire everyone who doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. Quit everything that makes you unhappy. Reboot your life situation. If other people whine about it, screw ‘em. They’ll get over it.” Steve Pavlina tells you that life sucks, then you die…but there is a happier way to go about it.

“But then I discovered that if you envy the rich, you will find it harder to become rich yourself. And if you do become rich, you will hate yourself at some level.” In this Times Online interview with famous hypnotist Paul McKenna, he says he can make you rich after have interviewed millionaires for the last two years. I’ve already pre-ordered his blatantly titled new book I Can Make You Rich which will arrive in a couple of weeks. Will it really help me solve my money woes? Look for the review soon!

And I love this post from Wake Up Tiger about the real me :)

P.S. Work has been incredibily hectic lately. I should be able to wrap up my work in the coming week and continue our regularly scheduled posting. Work/life/blog balance is something I need to think about in my Restarting a Blog series. In the meantime, fly high, stay cool.

2 Responses to “Links to Inspiration: Week of 18th May 2008”

  1. I agree that a key to self management is self esteem. I would offer that true life inspiration happens when you find something you love to do and make it a part of your everyday experience. Here’s an exercise:

    1. Write down 10 things you love to do or that bring you the most joy. I call this the “You List”

    2. Then record how many times a day you do one of the things on your list

    3. Give each day of the week a rating from 1-10

    4. Your best day usually comes out to be the day you do the most things on your “You List”

  2. ClickALifeCoach
    May 29 2008 at 3:20 pm #

    I can easily relate to the first part of the story, in the past I was one of those people pretending you have done something and then be very uncomfortable when someone asks more detailed questions.
    It is not a good feeling and being upfront from the beginning really saves you the embarassment later.