Restarting a Blog

Nearly 2 years ago, I started Life Coaches Blog with nothing more than a vague idea of sharing self-improvement methods and making some money on the side, armed with the curiosity to see what happens.

2 years on and looking back, I’ve learned loads. There were times I struggled; sleeping late to finish an article and waking early to go back to my day job. There were times I triumphed, having my posts picked up by major sites like Lifehacker. There were also times I had pure plain fun; writing out an article on a personal development topic that I felt crazy about.

Looking back, there are things I would have done differently knowing what I know now. So the obvious question is; why not do them now to make Life Coaches Blog a kick-ass blog?

Why not at all?

The truth is, Life Coaches Blog is beginning to feel more and more like a transition phase of my life. When I started it, I was a Life Coach at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. I was coaching hundreds of people, in groups and personally, over hundreds of hours. Now, while I’m still intensely passionate about personal growth , I’ve moved on from that company and am now a tech writer in my day job.

So where do I get off running a blog called ‘Life Coaches Blog’? It feels strangely incongruent, and if you know me you know congruency is a massive deal to me – I don’t like to lie, for instance and I’ve been labeled an outcast more than once for not joining in harmful gossip.

(Hey, if I’m not going to say something in someone’s face, I’m not going to say it behind his back, but that’s just me.)

The thing is, I’ve always loved personal growth – even before I read my first ‘self help’ book. Like one of my heroes; Bruce Lee said; ‘all help ultimately is self-help’. I’ve loved to challenge myself and grow since I was a little kid, to learn more and be more of a person and a man.

In the Restarting a Blog series, I’m going to put me and my thoughts out there on lessons I’ve learned from problogging and how I want things to change from here now. These won’t be the usual type of posts on personal development I usually write – I can feel my uncertainty and excitement welling up already as I start this.

Some of the things I’m going to say may not be your cup of tea but – well, I’ve always thought what this blog about personal development lacked the most was more about the personal development of the man behind it.

Stay tuned for the future of Life Coaches Blog.

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