Archive | July, 2007

How I Became An Inbox Ninja

Overcome by Email Avalanches I never had to deal with the problem of having too much email until I landed my new writing job 8 months ago. Suddenly I had a whole avalanche of incoming messages to handle and a whole new culture to learn! In the beginning I struggled to find the right balance […]

Who Owns You?

Who owns you really? Is it email? TV? Fame? Money? Is it what you drive? What you have or don’t have? That new toy you just can’t live without? Is it your past? Someone you haven’t seen in years? Is it what people say you are? Is it what others think of you? Is it […]

Back from Korea

Sometimes we forget. I was on the plane back to Singapore from Korea and the man next to me happened to raise the window cover at sunset. It was like looking at all the beauty of the world expressed in one exquisite moment; with the orange-red puffs of clouds scattered beneath a deep blue sky […]

Getting Rid of Blame & Hatred

In life, it’s inevitable that we will face some disappointments, rejections and frustrations, it’s all part and parcel of being alive. Often, when we are faced with any rejections or disappointments, we are all too likely to take either the route of self-loathing, coming up with reasons to feel inadequate and hating ourselves for it, […]