The Future of Life Coaches Blog

Sustainable is a big word for me. lists a definition as ‘capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment.’ I’ve seen it applied dozens of times in personal development, if a change isn’t sustainable it doesn’t last.

Ever since 2007 started, I set my direction to be courage, and to lead a fuller and richer life. Since then, I have (finally) set out to get my driving license, meet new people, stretch and push the limits of my reality.

In the last few months though, as I’ve been spending more and more hours exploring the world out there, the world here at Life Coaches Blog has suffered. I thought I could juggle all I wanted to do out there with all I wanted to do here, but I couldn’t. I started having doubts about what was sustainable for me and for Life Coaches Blog.

Slowly cutting back on the number of regular posts I wrote a week, I finally told myself I should just write when I’d developed something substantial to share instead of letting my posts be determined by a fixed schedule. I found that I put more love into each article, as a longer waiting time let my thoughts gestate longer, but the time in-between each article seemed to stretch longer and longer.


Life Coaches Blog Goes Global

It took me this long to realize that what I’m doing now isn’t sustainable, not if the yardstick is what I envision Life Coaches Blog to be; a regularly updated collection of quality articles that affect change in people’s lives.

I realized the solution wasn’t to cut back, it was to think bigger.

What does the name Life Coaches Blog mean? When I first founded it, I wanted it to be the virtual space of my original Life Coaches group, the 5 of us who had such fun doing what we loved; Paiboon, Pete, Yezhong, Brenda and myself.

Now that times and circumstances have changed, it’s time to expand the vision. Life Coaches Blog has a nice daily readership number, and it continues to grow – something for which I have you to thank :) Now instead of just 5 coaches, let’s think global: let’s make Life Coaches Blog a blog center for Life Coaches all over the world.

Submit Your Article – Not Just for Life Coaches

The vision was always to create quality content that makes a difference in people’s lives. The strategy to achieve this will be twofold:

1) Donating 20% of profits to charitable causes that do good in the world.

2) Allowing submission of articles to be published here.

Regarding point 1, you might ask where the other 80% goes to. A part of it is saved to pay for hosting and domain registration costs. The other will be used to pay my upkeep; more on this later.

On point 2, you might ask why would other Life Coaches do this? This is who would benefit; Life Coaches who are just making their presence known online and could use a little publicity.

And I’m not just accepting submissions from people who call themselves Life Coaches, but any article on any personal development topic by anyone can be submitted.

I Get A Promotion

I love personal development, coaching and writing – Life Coaches Blog is a perfect outlet for my passions and I’ll continue posting. But as founder of Life Coaches Blog, I’m giving myself a promotion to editor-in-chief and I’ll be responsible for reading through submissions, deciding which gets published and making any grammatical changes if needed.

Great isn’t it, when you can give yourself promotions? :P

And that is where the rest of what Life Coaches Blog makes after donations and costs go to: me. It pays for what I continue to write (as it does now) and my editorial efforts.

Is it part of my efforts to create a better financial future for myself? Yes. If you don’t feel it’s fair, I respect that. But if you feel submitting an article is an acceptable win-win situation for the both of us, then I thank you in advance.

The Future is Now

How will this idea go? I’m not sure – but I know I’m stretching and pushing the limits of my reality once again and that is always a good thing.

In any case, more quality content can only help Life Coaches Blog’s mission: to deliver quality content that affects change in people’s lives and dedicate 20% of our profits to charitable causes that make a difference in the world.

And to do it in a sustainable way.

You can submit your articles here.

P.S. A new graphical header for a new direction. I love it, looks a lot snazzier don’t you think?

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  1. sanju
    December 19 2009 at 9:39 pm #

    Nice article alvin,I like your thinking of writing blogs related to life coaches blog.It is a great idea to help the people online.Everybody has some problems in life and i think it will be a great idea to deal with the life problem online……