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I’m a little late, but 3 days ago, I was featured on Lifehacker; one of my favorite sites of all-time.

Lifehacker’s great because it gives you real and useful hacks on how you can use technology to help you do things faster and better. I’ve used Lifehacker’s hacks to do things like automatic backups of my work at my old workplace, stick affirmations on my home PC desktop and do some fun, easy launching of websites, directories and software with Launchy.

That’s why I’m sooo stoked to be on Lifehacker!

If you’re new, and you’re wondering how to get the most out of Life Coaches Blog, I’d say:

1) Download my free ebooks, The Hero’s Journey & Secrets of Changing Minds.

2) Read the best posts listed on the right-hand column (NLP 101 is one of our most popular and well-received series).

3) Check out my wonderful friends’ blogs; Senia’s Positive Psychology Blog, Alvaro’s SharpBrains blog, Matt’s Idea Blog, and Kloudiia The Dating Specialist’s Dating Affairs blog; for more personal development goodness.

I hope you find my posts of value and do stick around for more strategies for a greater life to come :)

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  1. sanju
    December 19 2009 at 9:39 pm #

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