10 Questions With The Relationship Expert: Kloudiia

And now for something new. Kloudiia is a friend, a lover of life and a fellow coach who specializes in relationships; she helps you find and keep that special someone.

She is also the first ever interview on Life Coaches Blog! Hear what she has to say about love, relationships and life.

Thanks for agreeing to this interview!

You’re most welcome Alvin. It’s indeed my pleasure and honor to be the first on your interview list!

Over at the Steve Pavlina forums, you call yourself the Dating Specialist. Just what it is you do?

I spread knowledge on love and marriage, dating, relationships and its relations with life. Besides a Dating Specialist, as a Love Coach I also work with my clients to achieve the kind of relationship and love life they desire.

How does someone become a Dating Specialist?

I can’t speak for the rest, but for me it seems like a natural path to take as I realized my life mission and purpose is to empower and inspire people who want to have a loving and lasting relationship.

It first started with me setting up a dating agency with my sister. After running it for almost 2 years, it dawned on us that we actually have a deep passion for this, and we see a lot of meaning in helping singles find love and couples develop a healthy, loving and fulfilling relationship.

Therefore, we switched the focus of our business and went into a slightly different mode of business.

And why?

It’s my passion, and I believe also the life mission that God has bestowed onto me.

So Kloudiia…what is it that women really want?

Women are unique really. When we aren’t looking at what we want, we are clear of what we want.

When we are looking at what we want, we suddenly didn’t know what we want.

Is that why that explains why some women keep missing the boat, while some kept boarding the wrong boats?

For someone who’s single and looking for that special someone, what would you advise him to do?

First and foremost, know and love yourself well. I’ve realized that many people really don’t know themselves very well. That’s the biggest reason why they keep meeting people whom aren’t suitable for them.

Only when you know yourself well enough then you know what type of person you are looking for, and what type suits you. The one you have been secretly hoping and fantasizing may not be the one who is compatible with you to be your life partner. There is a difference in this area.

Next is to list down the criteria and qualities that will attract you. Attraction is the first and foremost thing to happen before anyone can and will fall in love with another person. When you have listed them down, prioritize them.

We all have a long wish list. To find a person who fits in all is a seemingly impossible mission to undertake. You should look at the must-haves. What’s a deal-breaker for you?

When you have the list ready in your mind, you start marketing yourself. Let your friends know you are looking, and if they meet anyone that fits your description they will first think of you. And since you already have an idea of this person, you will also know the places he/she tend to frequent. Start going to those places more frequently, alone.

Meanwhile, it’s always very useful to get yourself equipped with the knowledge and skills in love and relationship so that when you eventually enter into one, you will be starting out with the right foot.

What’s the biggest mistake you see singles make in looking to find a partner?

The fact that they don’t even know what type of person they are looking for is bringing them around in circles.

And the biggest mistakes couples make in their relationships?

Some wrong or negative beliefs about love they have and the inadequate knowledge in relationship management, especially in handling expectations and communication.

What’s the key to a healthy, sustaining relationship?

Buy my upcoming book and to practice what I wrote diligently! :P

Alright I’m joking. But hey my book really contains lots of gems that couples will find very useful to have a loving lasting relationship.

Before my book is out, what I have for you here is this:

Love and respect your partner. Give your partner wholehearted attention, affection and appreciation.

What is it you love most about what you do?

Everything! Too much for me to pin one down haha :D

Last question, what are 3 things your readers don’t know about you?

1. My name is pronounced as “Cloud-dear” and not the usual “Claudia” thank you.
2. I have almost no sense of direction.
3. I can’t spell the word “manoueveur” without checking the dictionary. To prove I’m right, I’m giving you the “as-is” as the way I spelt it. You can edit it so that it spells right for your publication ha!

Kloudiia is a pioneer in Singapore’s dating industry, and gives away free tips at Kloudiia’s Kit: Dating Affairs on how to get the love life you want and improve the love life you have. She’s also the author of the (free) ebook ‘5 Secrets To Up Your Attraction Quotient‘.

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