Life Coaches Blog: Best of November 2006

November 2006 was a surprising month for Life Coaches Blog, the most popular and commented on posts were the ones I thought would be the most poorly received!

Life Coaches Blog – Personal Development for a Greater Life – Best of November 2006:

3 Big Reasons To Give

Why would I give away 20% of whatever I make from Life Coaches Blog? In fact, why bother to give at all?

(Hint: it’s not because I’m fabulously rich!)

Pay Yourself First

If you won a million dollars today, would you spend it all immediately buying loads of stuff so that by this time tomorrow, it’d be all gone?

I’d bet you wouldn’t, but that’s what a lot of people are doing; not with the money they win, but the money they make.

The Monk Talks: What Would Buddha Do If Someone Hated Him?

Not by hate is hate defeated;
Hate is quenched by love.
This is the eternal law.

Dhammapada 5

And my personal favorite of the month; A Moment of Cat Zen, for that irresistible photo of my office cat Meow Meow (hey, I didn’t name him!).

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