The 80/20 Life Coaches Blog Donation Pledge

I came home last Saturday at 1 in the morning, after having worked 12 hours straight, tired and stressed out of my mind…and I hadn’t even packed for my overseas vacation happening just 5 hours later!

All those weeks of looking forward to my precious holiday, and it looked like I was going to spend the first day a sleep-deprived zombie. You can imagine how I must have felt.

But the moment I stepped home, I saw something that lifted my spirits immediately.

It was a surprise calender gift and letter from Mercy Corps. This is what it said:

Dear Alvin,

Thank you for your generous support of Mercy Corps as an online monthly giving member.

With your help, we are reaching more than 10 million people in 40 countries – from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Every day, we assist families in communities faced with some of the most difficult challenges of our time: hunger, lack of economic opportunity, conflict, access to clean water and education.

Your support helps open the doors to a new school, teaches a young mother how to provide good nutrition for her children, and plants a community garden that will feed a village. Together, we are empowering families, rebuilding communities and restoring hope.

As a token of our appreciation, we would like to give you the enclosed calender. Each time you look at it, we hope that you will be reminded of the life-changing difference you are making to individuals and families around the world.

Thank you!

Awwww. Now who wouldn’t feel great knowing your contribution is making a difference to someone else in the world?

In that spirit, I’m pledging 20% of whatever Life Coaches Blogs makes from now on to charity.

Because I believe it’s not just about us, and that those of us who have it better have the chance to give back and help build a better world.

P.S. If you want to start giving too, but don’t know where to start, the independent charity evaluator Charity Navigator is a good place to begin.

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  1. sanju
    December 19 2009 at 9:39 pm #

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