How to Raise $4000 for Charity With 1 Easy Step

If you could, would you help raise USD$4000 for charity, at absolutely no cost to you?

My friend Ryan, who owns and runs BMW.SG (the forums themselves are 5000 members strong, of which my brother Louis is a moderator), is taking part in the ambatchdotcom seocontest (his post here and the original contest site here).

BMW.SG is holding a charity event for the Breast Cancer Foundation, Singapore, and to tie in with that, Ryan has pledged to donate the $4000 top prize to charity if he wins the ambatchdotcom seocontest.

That’s USD$4000 you can help him raise for charity for free, at no cost to you, by linking to his blog with the keyword “ambatchdotcom seocontest” from your website, blog, bookmarking site etc (more details at his original post Will You Help?).

In his own words, I admire and support Ryan’s purpose for doing this:

…I believe that the prize money can go to a cause which needs it more than I do, rather then people spamming the hell out of search engines, blog sites, websites etc. And I believe with conviction I can change all that, and you can too.
If you wish to impact a positive change in society, take part in a great cause, as well as take part in one of the biggest contests in technology history.

Free, easy, and a potential $4000 to go into the pockets of the Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore to make a difference in someone’s life, and you can do it now. Why not?


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