Miracle Creation Formula

Life is a challenge, what else is new!!! And I learn this hard way, here is the formula that allows me to create miracle in my life.

(Imagination + Faith) x Action power(Perseverance) = Miracle

IMAGINATIONis the vision of what you want to create, the dream you have, the goal you want, and the outcome you envision.

And keep your FAITH up high, no matter what happen, what they say, who say it, Faith keep your dream alive in your mind, it’s real in your mind.

To bring that reality in your mind out, you need ACTION. When you put some action, it begins to appear, and a search always starts with Beginner’s Luck, and you can enjoy the beginner luck when you take action. During the action process, add a little bit Flexibility as a condiment.

PERSEVERANCE would allow you to be the same side with Time, perseverance also gives you sense of discipline and hard work that come with it. And a search always ends with test of conqueror. You can be a conqueror when you on the same side with Time.

We are all Miracle Worker. I emphasize the word WORKER, because we all need to put in is work, so that miracle can come out.

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    December 19 2009 at 9:39 pm #

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