The Loser’s Journey #1: My World and The Call

I stare out in the Ordinary World. Watching it as it passes me by, not even being aware of what’s happening around me. I have been conditioned to be numb, to think small, to do only the required and sometimes even falling short of it.

I am defender of the status quo, basking in the security of what is known as the Comfort Zone. Nevermind that my world can be better, nevermind the pains of staying put, nevermind the envy I have of the accounts of the Heroes and Heroines who have made that difference by moving to answer the dare of the Call to Adventure.

Here I am, the Loser in the Ordinary World.

I see the signs of, feel the tug of and hear the Call to Adventure. I close my eyes and shut my ears. Refusing the challenge, and preferring to play smaller, act meeker or turn dumber. I exist in my self-cordoned prison getting increasing restless, impotent and even recklessly protective of the space I uncomfortably defend as my Comfort Zone.

Am I waiting for it to be painful enough or attractive enough to get started? I can still handle the petty annoyances, minor irritations and small flaws. Life is like that!! I don’t want to be a perfectionist! Life is meant to be imperfect; less imperfect doesn’t make me more perfect! I’ll handle it when the time comes or die trying…am I trying to die?

Oh it’s got to be the right kind of time and space: the timing is never right and my environment doesn’t allow for change and what’s wrong with it isn’t my fault.

I can’t change. I have tried and tried. Sometimes, it’s not about me. Hey, you can’t alter other people’s behaviour!! You can’t make them change what they’re already doing stuck with doing the same thing!

I am not smart. I am clueless. I don’t have the resource. I am not talented….

I am… not YOU! But if you can do it, will I be able to do the same?

What if I defer to be a Loser in the Ordinary World and answer the Call?

First I need to raise my awareness to the Call-to-Adventures that are prevalent at each point and time within the Ordinary World. When I think about it, it’s ironic that the awareness that I am refusing the Call is a Call to Adventure in itself.

I may answer the Call only when I am in dire straits and my survival instincts kick in BUT it’ll certainly help if I answer to the Call early. Therefore, the Call may also come from an awareness that allows me to anticipate the challenge of moving into a new world.

The only way I can preserve my Comfort Zone is a realization that I must accept the challenge of expanding it. The short-term pain of stretching my own limits will expand the threshold and integrity of the protective bubble (armour if you would) against what Life can throw at me.

I can now see that all the petty annoyance, minor irritations and small flaws that I choose to tolerate and endure not only drains my energy to forge ahead; they also limit me from truly accessing the resource I already have in me.

Hence, if I can’t choose to avoid the eventuality of having to answer the call, it only makes sense for me to choose when to answer the Call. I choose now.


One Response to “The Loser’s Journey #2: The Elusive Wise Mentor”

  1. tammy young
    February 27 2009 at 6:15 am #

    What is this supposed to mean? this makes no sense. you should explain more. Andthe conversation with you conscience is annoying and unneccessary