I’m on Lifehack’s front page!

Yikes! Lifehack has accepted my article on Envision Success Like IBM Founder Tom Watson Sr and mentioned it (now still on the front page! Post on March 16th)!

Eeek! Eeeek! The reason why I’m giggling like a schoolgirl is that I love Lifehack. It was one of the first lifehacking websites I read and one of the first that came into my RSS feedreader (Bloglines) when I was just a RSS noob. The great content to be found there quickly made it one of my essential reads. Swooon.

I couldn’t resist, I even made a screengrab so I could save the moment for all time :P

Lifehack front page screencap

If you’re quick, you can still see the mention on Lifehack’s front page, together with the announcing post.

Excuse me when I go swoon somemore ;P

One Response to “All Ads are Off”

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    December 19 2009 at 9:39 pm #

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