The Hero’s Journey Part 6: Into The Innermost Cave

Into The Innermost Cave

Now the challenges you faced in meeting your helpers and challenges have escalated to a point where you can no longer avoid them or ignore them: you must face them and end them once and for all, or risk losing your treasure forever.

To do that you’ll have to take your Hero’s Journey into the source of your worst fears and difficulties. This is the second threshold you have to cross in your journey, and it is more fearful and difficult than the first. This is the journey into the dangerous Innermost Cave, the beginning of your deepest and darkest point in your Hero’s Journey.

In real life, it might be as simple as walking into the office of someone who’s been giving you difficulties from day one, a sudden phonecall from someone you’ve been avoiding, or an inward journey to confront your worst fears and doubts. This is when you see the face of the negative energies that have been impeding your progress, and you discover their true extent.

The face of these negative energies is usually called the Evil One in the Hero’s Journey, the main antagonist of your journey. It might be someone real, a circumstance you have to overcome, or a internal obstacle.

Where is the Innermost Cave in your own life? Who or what is your Evil One? Is there someone you’ve been putting off facing even though you know you need to? Is there a situation that’s been giving you difficulty but you’ve avoided facing? Or a limiting belief that’s been weighing around your neck slowing you down?

What is the one thing that is most stopping you from reaching your treasure right now?

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  1. tammy young
    February 27 2009 at 6:15 am #

    What is this supposed to mean? this makes no sense. you should explain more. Andthe conversation with you conscience is annoying and unneccessary