The Importance of Awareness

Yezhong has been posting about awareness of self in his ongoing “How You Can Achieve Success…Everytime” (Parts 1 & 2) series, and I wanted to add in my own thoughts on why awareness is just so important.

To me, awareness is not only important, it is the most important and first skill you must develop in order to achieve any lasting and significant growth.


Without awareness of self you cannot spot your own unhelpful patterns and also just as important, your own strengths, and thus change or use them.

Without awareness of others you cannot spot their unhelpful patterns and their strengths and help them to change, to know themselves, or simply to support them.

Without awareness of yourself and others you cannot be aware of the dynamics of the relationships between you and others and the helpful and unhelpful patterns that are running, and make them better.

Without awareness of the larger environment around you, you cannot spot potential hazards and opportunities that come your way, and avoid or capture them.

So there are 3 types of awareness that anyone who seriously wants to improve themselves or others needs to develop:

1) Awareness of Self

2) Awareness of Others

3) Awareness of the Environment (which is the relationship between you, others, and the world at large)

Since Yezhong is covering some tools you can use to develop your awareness of self, I’ll be sharing in the next few days about how you can specifically develop awareness of others.

The best thing is that being more aware of others can help you become even more aware of yourself, and vice-versa.

Before I go, I want to leave you with a little tidbit. If you know Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) you’ll know that the psychotherapist Milton Erickson was one of the key persons modeled to create NLP. Now, if you know us Life Coaches you’ll know too that we’re crazy over Erickson!

One reason why is because of his amazing awareness. The stories of his observational abilities are legendary, for example, he was able to tell whether his secretary was menustrating or not just by the sound of her typing, and that a woman was having an affair just by the way she walked into his office and sat down…without saying a word!

I’m not saying that we all need this level of awareness, but it gives you an idea of just what is possible and what isn’t impossible.

I’ll talk to you soon, and in the meantime, see for yourself just how you can increase your own awareness of self and others.


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